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Blogging The Triad North Carolina Social Media Scene

After my recent trip to Manchester UK I once again saw the power of community.

I was attempting to get a sense of the size and scope of the social media community in the Manchester area. I wanted to know about all of the events, organizations and people involved in the scene.

There did not seem to be one place that described everything that was going on in social media in Manchester. I thought I'd write a blog post about the scene and reached out to several new friends and colleagues to ask for their input on what's going on.

I wrote a quick post on Manchester's social media scene thinking I could add to the list once I got the ball rolling, but that list of events missed several important organizations because I just don't know the social media scene in Manchester very well (ironic because I'm from the Manchester!)

Maria Aretoulaki was one of the people who was kind enough to work on a list of events in the area, but instead of my taking her content for a post, we decided it would be better for her to write a post about Manchester's social media scene using all of the content she had created.

Inspired by this collaboration, I want to do the same for Greensboro and the Triad region. I'd like to create a list of organizations that are involved in the social media scene as a handy tool for newcomers. I've been living in the Triad since March of this year, but still in some ways don't have a sense of every event.

I propose to write a post that lists the events, but goes into detail on one or two events like the Rioja Wine bar tweet up and the Greensboro Social media club. I've already reached out to a few colleagues about helping and now I will ask them to write on their blogs about events in the local social media scene and when published I will link to them from my list of the region post.

Rioja Wine Bar Tweet up

A monthly tweet up hosted by me, John Cass, and Rebecca Cochran where we either interview a guest in an informal way. No slides or powerpoints, and everyone sits together to interview the guest. Or we just hold a networking event, and attendees talk about best practices in marketing and social media. Rebecca and I started the event in March of 2010 when I was planning on moving to Greensboro, NC. Unseen we organized the event to meet for the first time and invite a few friends, after the first event we enjoyed the tweet up so much we decided to continue holding a monthly event.

Past guests include Chuck Hester from iContact, Mike Grossman from the News & Record, Devin Singley from Red Oak Brewery and Sue Polinsky from TechTriad and ConvergeSouth.

Greensboro Social Media Club

Started in July of 2010, the Greensboro social media club is the brainchild of Kennedy Pittman and Rob Ainbinder, with some help from myself and some other dedicated volunteers such as Adrienne Cregar Jandler and Tammy Friedeck. We have only help two events as of early September, the first featured Nathan Gilliatt, Alicia Miller and myself, and the other was a special benefit event for #citizengulf.

Events will feature several speakers, and be held at different locations around Greensboro. The club is a chapter of the nationally organized social media club.

Linking Greensboro

Kim Williams writes a post on Linking Greensboro, "Blogging The Triad North Carolina Social Media Scene - Outpost."

Triad Social Media Club

Looking for a post from a blogger about this event I can send a link.

Taco Tuesday

A weekly event described by  Tammy Friedeck blog post on Taco Tuesday


Looking for a post from a blogger about this event I can send a link.

Know of other organizations, tweet ups and stuff that adds to the social media scene here in the Triad? And they relate to social media, please let me know. Also please write a post about your organization.

Update: 9/21/10 Kim Williams post link.

10/5/10 Tammy Friedeck's post link.