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Start-Up & Pitch Ideas For Entrepreneurs At PitchCamp

I'm co-hosting PitchCamp at ConvergeSouth this year in October, we have a series of events planned during the event, from Appetizer, to Main Dish to Side Dish where start-ups can test their mettle in pitching and receive feedback from a panel of investors and Entrepreneurs.

Check out the description on the PitchCamp page, and we are now accepting entry submissions for start-ups to appear at ConvergeSouth’s PitchCamp on Saturday Oct 2nd in Greensboro, NC.

In this 2-hour PitchCamp session entrepreneurs will learn from Angels and VC’s what to do and what not to do when pitching their business model. Every start-up will have the chance to pitch, and prior to the event start-up teams will compete for the appetizer and the coveted two main dish spots, while the audience will have a chance to critique pitches.

How Your Start-Up Can Win A Place At PitchCamp

To be chosen to have your start-up company’s team appear on the PitchCamp program please fill out a ConvergeSouth start-up company application, the application will be reviewed, and once approved posted on the ConvergeSouth Blog. Promote your application to your network to encourage people to vote for your start up.

How Entrepreneurs Can Be Chosen As A Member Of The Appetizer Critique Panel

Fill out the appetizer critique panel form. On the form give us your background in business and why you should be selected as a member of the Appetizer Critique Panel. Your application will be reviewed, and if considered appropriate posted on the ConvergeSouth Blog. Only those people who have purchased a ticket for the ConvergeSouth Conference will be considered for the panel.

Really looking forward to this event, please spread the word to investors, entrepeneurs and start-ups.