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Octopus Predicted Spain's World Cup Success, Win Set To Improve Economy

Spain World Cup Win Congratulations to Spain for winning the world cup. The outcome was dead certain, once Paul the Octopus predicted the Spanish win, much to the heart ache of its German owners.

What's next for Spain, mired in the European debt crisis, I'd predict rosier times ahead for the country.

No economist myself and not having a big enough fish tank for an Octopus, I base my hope on my experience on my time in Massachusetts. After the Red Sox won the World series, things might have changed in the Commonwealth.

Two years ago I asked's Declare your curiousity a question about the character of New Englanders since the Red Sox won the World Series.

Dan Roche of said, "So how had the winning of two World Championships changed the character of New Englanders? I think we are happier than ever and more appreciative of what we have. It's gone from manic-depressive to at time, borderline cocky. But that's ok. New Englanders waited 86 long years for things to change. Enjoy it while it lasts."

There you have it there's some euphoria ahead for Spain. And well done to the Spanish national team, now let the good times roll!