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Greensboro Social Media Club’s 1st Event August 2nd

I'm going to be one of the first speakers for the Greensboro Social Media Club on August 2nd along with Nathan Gilliatt from Social Target and Alicia Miller from Pace Communications. I'm helping to organize the Social Media Club here in Greensboro and focusing on locations. Though this time our President Ken Pittman found the location and I asked the speakers!

Nathan Gilliatt is the leading analyst on social media monitoring in the world. I'm afraid I'd have to even knock off Forrester from this mantel. Nathan gets the prize because he only focuses on Social Media Monitoring and that's all he has been doing for the last few years.

Alicia Miller is a colleague at my company Pace and has been working on a big blog series project for the Pace blog 18 writers are writing 20 different blog posts on the top 20 magazines in the U.S. Alicia will be describing the project.

Join us at Tex and Shirley’s in Greensboro on August 2nd at 6:00pm where we will discuss corporate social media and social media monitoring.