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Red Oak's Devin Singley Says "Keep it in the bottle here, I'm trying to brand" at the GSO5 tweet up.Great event last night for the 5th GSO tweet up at the Rioja Wine Bar, not only did we have a good turn out for the audience, but Devin Singley from Red Oak Brewery, a micro brewery based here in Greensboro, NC, did a great job of explaining how he runs social media for his company. Here's how one attendee summed up Devin:

@ashleybailey76 @redoakbrew is witty and has Jedi-mind! #gso5

Only three months on the job Devin's passion for Red Oak and social media is helping get results, attendance at the weekly Brewery tours has increased, and Red Oak's interaction and social media followers have increased compared to their main North Carolina competitors.

Devin described how he got the job at Red Oak, the eccentricities of his work place, a company dedicated to brewing true Bavarian lager, and how he is using Facebook and Twitter while on the road as a salesman/social media guy for Red Oak.

His strategy is to focus on three tactics, 1. Inform - Give people facts and tell them what's happening. 2. Excite - Give people a sense of ownership 3. Respond - By responding you can produce results. There has to be a "ghost in the machine."

Greensboro is Red Oak's first marketplace, so the area is saturated in terms of customers being aware of the brand. Red Oak is focuses on Charlotte and the Triangle region here in NC. Red Oak runs pint nights in those areas, where Red Oak sales people give away free glasses. Devin uses social media to describe the event, and feature people who won glasses.

Last night was a great night for audience participation and questions:

@TheBeanCast Man! I'm totally grilling @redoakbrew .. Gotta shut up and let other folks ask a question.

Red Oak has a Bavarian brew master from Germany dedicated to brewing the purest lager here in Greensboro, NC, and the brewery was built with German equipment and German brew construction people came over to set up the new brewery.

@brandonpierce Dear @redoakbrew - we want to see a day in the life of a brewmaster! Tell the Red Oak overlords!

Devin even described all of the additional benefits you can get from using Red Oak beer:

@KennedyPittman You can wash your hair and soak your feet with @redoakbrew #themoreyouknow #gso5

Devin started his career in library science, and his claim to fame is that he is probably the only certified librarian and certified beer salesman in the state of North Carolina!

A great night was had by all, super location at the Rioja Wine bar on Battleground (thanks Jake for accommodating the group!) and Devin Singley did a super job of entertaining the crowd and sharing his passion for Red Oak brewery and social media. 

Thanks also to everyone who attended and my colleague Rebecca Cochran for inviting Devin.

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