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Magazine Deployment On eReaders & Tablets Set To Grow

Degrading A Magazine's Brand By Publishing On An E Ink eReader

I asked a question in relation to eReader today and started a back channel conversation with an industry colleague, the colleague suggested that publishing a magazine can degrade the brand experience of certain magazines. I asked the Twitter community whether that was true, and received the following answers:

@soxgal Not necessarily. If the market demand is for e ink platforms, shouldn't brands go to the market? 

@ryananderson No, but I don't think it's a particularly strong strategic move, either.

@robertcollins If done poorly or just re-imaging the same content digitally it can diminish the brand. If done well, it can dramatically enhance.

My thoughts are that it all depends on your audience, if you have an audience that uses a Nook, Kindle or Sony eReader and doesn't have an iPad, then if they purchase your print magazine, you want to have that magazine available on the devices the customer uses. Now if they are not there, then it makes sense not to put the magazine on that device.

This makes me wonder if an iPad would ever degrade the brand experiences of any magazine readers?

I'd don't think so, but I also think that the iPad is a different sort of device, one that enables people to interact and use in new and interesting ways. And so the brand experience of an iPad will be different from even a print magazine.