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The Office, American Idol And 5 Corporate Blog Reviews

Manpower Mark Toth is the Chief Legal Officer of Manpower North America, and he writes the Manpower Employment Blawg. Mark's blog caught my eye as I ran through my list of five Fortune 500 blogs to review for domain names and blogging system because he conducts a weekly analysis of the TV show The Office for violations of employment law.

What a great idea for a content strategy on a regular basis for a corporate blog. Look around you in movies, popular events and TV shows and see what programs relate to your business, and then write about them. 

Mark also wrote about employment law lessons from American Idol. One great way to get listings and traffic is to find a TV show that's very popular and write about them in a different way. I think you will probably get some traffic that's not relevant, more interest in finding the best singer for the American Idol post, but because the focus of Mark's post was topical, I think it's more likely to be read by people who need help with employment law.

Here are my five additional reviews of Fortune 500 companies with blogs. Six Apart has two blogs, with movable type and TypePad, and two WordPress blogs.

McDonalds | Another domain name | Awareness

Emerson Process | Another domain name | Movable Type Commercial 4.25

Goodyear blog | Subdomain of another domain name | TypePad

Manpower blogs | Another domain name | WordPress 2.9.2

Delta Blog | Subdomain of the main domain name | WordPress 2.9.1