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I asked my followers on Twitter a question about their favorite examples of print to web call outs from advertising and editorial. A number of people responded.

@mike_grossman Last time I went from mag. to Web was article comparing cash back bonuses of certain credit cards. More comparisons were online.

@JVocell I think it depends. Out of those choices though, information. Ease of use (transition) would also be a factor

@alisonbolen PRECISE info. We see more success w/ URLs to specific papers or videos than to sites that offer many papers/videos on same topic.

@tgruber Incentive. Of course, a mobile call to action is better since I'm prob not reading a mag in front of my PC

@cochrancreates In print to web call out, information is lure for me. If info is deemed valuable to me for now or later, I bookmark site & return. when I respond to an incentive, it's more of a one-time-only visit. when I respond to an incentive, it's more of a one-time-only visit, making me feel as if I've wasted my time.

@pasquinucr1 My gut says incentive, and that incentive can be entertainment...

I think the synopsis is that information wins the day; people will be much more likely to access information online if it solves a problem, or is useful content. That is what gets at the heart of editorial content on the web, providing people with solutions to their questions.

If you’re a marketer and wondering how to develop leads from print advertising by sending people to the web, give people reasons to go to the web, give an incentive. Even better, give information combined with incentives as part of the call to action from your print advertising or editorial. If you are able to get a customer to sign up to receive information, or to share information with their community, in addition to the chance at making a sale, you will increase your chances of retaining the customer.

One idea I suggested online was that the information might be a series of email newsletters around a topic, perhaps a daily, weekly or regular email on a topic. While a customer receives a regular email, they would also be able to receive calls to action for other promotions.