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Last Week's GSO3 Tweet Up

We really had a great time at last week's #gso3 tweet up event with Mike Grossman from the News and Record. The number of sign ups to the event increased, and so that meant the number of people attending increased. I think having a speaker really helped put a solid foundation to the event, and Mike Grossman did a superb job of explaining how his paper uses social media for story generation and promotion of stories. Highlights of his talk included:

  • Mike's web team of journalists use social media to find stories in Guildford County and surrounding countries. Mike related how he found a story about a new restaurant opening at the friendly center by searching on the keyword phrase "friendly center," on Twitter search.
  • The audience on the web is different than the audience for the paper, both in terms of demographics and also their interests in stories.
  • Twitter is the more important social media tool for the new media team at the News & Record.
Thanks Mike for attending and doing such a great job with speaking for an hour and half. If you run a social media team for your brand company here in the Triad area and would be willing to share your ideas on how to use social media for your business, let me know for a future #GSO event.