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Answering The Most Asked Community Management Questions

There always seems to be reoccurring questions in any discipline, in blogging SEO its, “should I have a separate domain, subdomain or folder?” I’m attempting to answer that SEO blog question through experimentation, but also observation of the Fortune 500 at the moment through a series of posts.

In the world of community management I think there are a couple of important related questions that often are asked by companies wanting to build an effective community and understand the resources that need to be hired and maintained.

  • How many community participants does it take to run a self sustaining community?
  • How many community managers does it take to run a community both in terms of moderation and evangelism?
  • How do you measure results?

The answers to these can be simple, 42 in the case of the first question, but complex, that’s not 42 people in the community, but 42 active participants, in a community where you may have 43 people or 10,000,000. It’s not the size of the community, but the size of the active community that matters.

What are your answers to these questions?