Blogging Software Used By Fortune 500 Business Blogs
Five More Fortune 500 Blogging System Reviews

Five More Fortune 500 Blogging System Reviews

Continuing my exploration of what blogging platforms Fortune 500 companies use, I have another five from Dell, Boeing, Microsoft, Wells Fargo and UPS. Interestingly I note, UPS is using WebTrends. I'd be really curious to ask what they like about the web statistics package, and if they have all of the modules. I interviewed the CMO of WebTrends last year, and I was very impressed with the company's implementation of agile marketing techniques as a competitive answer to Google Analytics.

Dell Direct2Dell    | Folder on subdomain on | Telligent Evolution Platform Developer Build

Boeing's Randy's Journal     | Folder on separate domain name | 

Microsoft Blogs    | Folder on a subdomain | Telligent Platform CommunityServer

Wells Fargo Guided by History     | Folder on a subdomain | Movable Type Enterprise 4.25

Upside, the UPS Blog     | Subdomain | WordPress | WebTrends User