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Five More Fortune 500 Blogging System Reviews

Blogging Software Used By Fortune 500 Business Blogs

What type of blogging platform should you pick? That's often a question I'm asked, and one way to determine the best blogging platforms available is to look at what your peers and colleagues are doing in the industry.

I thought I'd take a look at the list of Fortune 500 companies that are blogging, and describe what blogging system the Fortune 500 company is using for their blog.

I'm also often asked if you should use a sub-folder, a sub-domain, or give a blog its own domain. I'll give my advice on that topic in a future post, but in the mean time it is interesting to compare how each Fortune 500 company handles the domain issue for their blog.

[List Of Fortune 500 Business Blogs]

Wal-Mart Check out Blog   | Blog has its own domain |

Chevon Blog at WPC     | Blog is located in a folder |

GE Global Research    | Blog is located in a folder | WordPress 2.9

General Motors Fast Lane Blog      | Blog has its own domain | WordPress 2.8.6

Beta Labs Blog    | Subdomain of a subsidiary | WordPress 2.9.2

HP Blogs    | Folder on a sub-domain of the main domain | CommunityServer 2008.5 SP1 from Telligent Systems

IBM Developer Works Blogs    | Blog is located in a folder |

Verizon PolicyBlog     | Subdomain of the main domain |

Notes from the front line    | Subdomain of typepad | A SixApart TypePad blog

JNJ BTW     | Blog has its own domain | WordPress 2.9.2