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3 Tips For Social Media Monitoring Analysis

I talk about social media monitoring quite a bit on this blog, but one aspect I don't always discuss is how you analyze individual blog posts. When I was Director of Blogging Strategies at Backbone Media we developed a service for monitoring, triaging, and responding to blog mentions of brands and companies.

We did not write the response, but we did provide insights into what a customer should do next.

  1. Find brand and product mentions in social media. Use free or more sophisticated tools for social media monitoring to find incidents. 
  2. Triage blog posts. Determine if the blog post is relevant to your company goals. Is the mention a customer service issue, or a product suggestion or perhaps a thought leadership post about your industry? If you are conducting a thought leadership campaign, find relevant posts, and understand the value of the post.
  3. Share your social media insights. Once you've found a post that's relevant give your subject matter expert advice on what they need to do next to engage the blogger. You might advise them to comment on the post, write a post featuring them in blog post, or share with their community. Think about how the subject matter expert builds relationships within their industry, and helps to support the company’s thought leadership efforts.