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Validating SEO Keyword Research With Social Media

When conducting keyword research you might use the Google Keyword Selector Tool to discover keyword volumes and competition from the Google Adwords. But that data doesn't really tell you what language or keywords your customers will use to find you.

Probably the fastest way to validate your keyword research is to observe your audience. Find the leading social media sites for your specific community and enter your presumed top keywords into the search engine on the social media site. Review the volume of posts that include your keywords. Also include the current year, or last year 2009 in the search query to find the current trend.

Those keywords with a lot of entries in the community are probably the keywords you want to target organically. You still don't know if the conversions will come, but I think I'd rather target keywords that are widely known and used in the community. Really here I'm suggesting you use social media as a tool to get a real sense of the language and keywords used by your audience.