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Join Me At The #ILikePieToo Party

This is my last week in Boston before I move down to custom content marketing agency Pace Communications in Greensboro, North Carolina.

I'm the new Head of Digital Marketing there, and I'm looking forward to the move to Pace. I've already been working there one month and Pace has a really great group of people, marketers, e-commerce specialists, lots of writers and editors on staff.

I'll miss Boston, especially the winters, all that shoveling snow.  Though this year, Greensboro has had its fair share of the white stuff.

To celebrate old friendships and say a last goodbye, Todd Van Hoosear has organized the #ILikePieToo leaving party at the Burren in Davis Square. I'm a big fan of Irish music so hopefully there's a band in the background or at least music playing. Stop by and say good bye before I had south.