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EMR Corporate Blog Ends New Journalism Story

I often think that blogging is really a style of writing called new journalism, except instead of writing a long article, the entire blog is the whole story.  For me a great example of this style of blog writing is Dr. Greiver's EMR blog. The blog follows the implementation of an electronic medical record by a general practitioner in Ontario Canada.  When hearing of the topic I think you imagine that the blog will be dry, dull, not one to draw the reader in, but in reality when you read the blog you learn what it takes to run a small practice, the realities of managing a small business and how technology works in the 21st century in medicine.

That first person perspective is vital to creating compelling content, and in the context of social media, building relationships with readers and influencers in your community.

Dr. Greiver started her blog in 2006 and she recently finished writing the blog, after four years of writing, the EMR has been installed!