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7 Degrees Of Agency Transparency In Social Media

Toby Bloomberg and I recently authored the agency transparency post where we had a great discussion around the topic what level of agency transparency should exist for client social media websites.

There were two camps 1) total transparency, and 2) degrees of transparency.  I just went through all of the contributions from the authors who were in the degree of transparency camp, and categorized their comments into seven degrees.  If you are in the degree, what’s acceptable to you?

  1. Identity transparency of the author not important - Jim Alexander, Susan Cartier Liebel, Melanie Notkin, Michael Stelzner
  2. Okay to ghost write posts, but not okay to ghost write comments in reply - Lynn Anne Miller
  3. Okay to edit and rewrite posts - Bob Cargill, Jeff Cutler, Jeremy Pepper
  4. Okay to post within social media representing the brand - Bob Cargill, Jeff Cutler, Brendan Hurley, Max Kalehoff, Rick Liebling, Jim Matorin, Jeremy Pepper, Mike Volpe, Steve Woodruff
  5. Not okay to ghost post when representing an individual - Bob Cargill, Jeff Cutler, Susan Getgood, Max Kalehoff, Rick Liebling, Jim Matorin, Tim Skaggs, Liz Strauss, Mike Volpe, Kami Watson Huyse
  6. Need to disclose agency relationship when posting for brand - Susan Getgood
  7. Twitter had some nuances, might be okay to post when representing a brand, Twitter space requirement was the issue - Susan Getgood, Jeff Culter