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Write Quickly For Social Media To Distribute To Slower Channels

Tools such as Twitter have increased the demand for content and interaction. You don’t have to publish much content on Twitter to inform your audience about what you are doing or thinking. To remain active and stay top of mind on Twitter requires more content, published more often than compared to say a blog.

Whether its Twitter, LinkedIn, blogging, or your website content generation is a process. You develop an idea, conduct the research, write a draft and edit before publishing. When working through that publishing process if you have in mind what channels you are going to publish on you can plan beforehand to develop content that will be easy to publish on different social media channels, and in the process generate enough to keep your audience engaged.

If you want content for an article on your website, prepare content by using Twitter to write notes, and ask questions ahead of time. As you gather enough information, publish small blog posts that will add up to the large post on your website.