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Who Influences You The Most In Social Media?

Ari Herzog wrote a post recently about how he interacts with three other bloggers; Seth Godin, Chris Brogan and Danny Brown. In the post he described how he is inspired by Seth, Chris is his hero, and Danny is his captain.

While Seth and Chris have interacted with him, Danny has been the better online friend and reciprocated back to Ari with about the same amount of comments on his blog as Ari has posted on Danny’s blog, over 100.

I was wondering who Ari pays the most attention too, and who he would listen too the most out of those three bloggers? I suspect Danny because he has the best reciprocal relationship.

But we'd have to ask Ari that question, Ari?

Ari's post is a good example of how engagement works online, it is not just about how the reader engages the content of a blogger or social media influencer, that's certainly important, but also how the blogger or influencer reciprocates. Social media writing is not just about publishing good content, though important as Ari describes in his relationship with Seth and Chris, good social media writing is also about how you connect with your readers and audience, or more rightly friends and colleagues. How you reach out to your readers, recognize them, and contribute to the subjects they are discussing and concerned with.