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Video Content Strategies For Social Media

I cannot stress enough the importance of developing a different content strategy when creating content for the web and social media.  Create videos that educate and enlighten the viewer so that they are more likely to share the video with friends, family and colleagues across YouTube and other social networks such as MySpace.

A good example of this comes from Epipheo Studies, who use an Epipheo video to educate their audience on how the internet has changed video creation strategies.

Similar to a text content marketing strategy, think about how your video educates your audience, both to provide valuable content, but also creates content that enlightens your viewer. If you instill an idea, cause or how-to, the viewer will be much more likely to share your video with their social networks.

Here are a few ideas for creating videos that inspire people to share or respond:

  • Give life lessons.
  • How-To's.
  • Explain a cause.
  • Give a timeline of events, and show their significance for the viewer.
  • Demonstrate how to teach a concept or idea to the viewer's audience.
Do you have any favorite examples of videos that you've shared because the video gave wisdom, not just content.