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Social Media Relationships Influence Buying Behavior

Relationships Energize Your Social Media Advocates

Kami Watson Huyse to referred to my 2010 predictions post about engagement marketing in an article that gets at the heart of what it takes to make social media work; relationships.

In her post Kami describes how the evolution of social media has made it easier to identify with soical media causes and campaigns, but not really take any action. People poke, follow, like, support and now list in social media. But all of these measures of engagement she suggests may make it less likely that people will take action.

Instead Kami suggests:

"In my experience, real relationships fuel effective social media campaigns while numbers of RTs, fans, followers and so on are much less important than the number of said fans that would be willing to answer your phonecall, e-mail, Direct Message, etc."

So build your relationships in social media, but don't be afraid to energize your social media advocates with direct outreach.