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For Immediate Release Podcast Achieves Five Great Years

Neville-shel-4mar06_206x266 Two PR professionals who are leaders in the adoption of social media for communications in the States and in Europe are Shel Holtz and Neville Hobson, the online radio partners are immensely likeable, humorous and knowledgeable professionals in the communications industry.

Shel Holtz has..well just been around for ever, written numerous books, and helped teach the industry how to communicate in the 80s, 90s, 00s and now the 10s.

Neville Hobson is the original early adopter, if there's a new technology for communications, you can bet he is using it and letting everyone in his community know how to get the most out of the application.

Both men partnered in 2005 to start the For Immediate Release podcast and this January is their 5th anniversary the podcast, in fact this Monday's show was the anniversary show.

I've always thought of the FIR podcast as the mouthpiece for the PR community in social media because the show reports on the news of the day, and manages to include many voices from the community.

Neville Hobson was kind enough to agree to be interviewed for my book, Strategies and Tools for Corporate Blogging, for the section on podcasting. In the interview, Neville described the strategy behind the FIR podcast. The FIR is not just about Neville and Shel, instead they do everything in their power reach out to their many friends, colleagues and fans to ask for contributions from across the world. The FIR show is not just for the US communications industry, but rather for the World Wide communications industry.

Congratulations Shel and Neville and the many other contributors who have helped to make the FIR podcast the success it is today, I look forward to five more years of FIR!