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Agency Transparency On Client Social Media Channels

Toby Bloomberg and I are collaborating on a post about the transparency of content writing and social media engagement for client social media channels.

Bloggers have long discussed the importance of transparency when writing content on a blog. With the growth in adoption of social media marketing, many marketers are wondering how they will develop enough content for all of their new social media channels.

When a client hires an agency to write content for their blog, twitter account, Facebook page, Toby and I are wondering about the level of transparency by an agency writer on a client's social media channel. 

We would like to ask you:

What are the practices that you think should be followed? Feel free to tell us if you have differences of opinions across social media channels.

We would appreciate if you could respond by January 15th. To share what we learn, Toby and I will cross post the findings on our blogs. Here's Toby's initial post about the agency content transparency project.