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2010 Engagement Marketing Prediction From Ann Handley

Ann-handley-blue-sm Ann Handley is head of content and editor at; she took a crack at my 2010 engagement marketing predication post questions, but did not get into the post on Jan 1st.

Here's Ann's answer, and I highlight the quote I think that is the gem of Ann's prediction for 2010:

Yes I do think you are on the right track. I believe, in a nutshell, that in this new world of blogs and YouTube and other platforms, that every company is a publisher. Every company has to create compelling content.

That said, every consumer (every person) also has the ability to create content. They are talking, too. So it's about leveraging that content you create to ignite community. It's about listening to them, and starting a dialogue where you can. I guess it's what you are calling engagement.

I think the smartest companies will begin to realize this in 2010, and beyond, and that this really the next frontier or where all the social media stuff is heading. The companies that use social tools as broadcast tools are completely missing the point.

This affects marketing, certainly. But I also think it has implications across the entire organization: In customer service, in product dev, biz dev, and so on.