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The Business Value Of Engagement Marketing

Earned Media Is Fueled By Engagement Marketing

Sean Corcoran from Forrester writes a helpful post seeking to categorize the types of media available to communicators in today's marketing tool kit.

Owned media is media owned by a company where they control the means for creation and publication, websites, blogs and twitter are included.

Paid media is traditional advertising and sponsorship, this type of media is still what drives most of marketing.

Earned media includes traditional PR efforts but also word of mouth methods, Sean suggests this is the media where customers become the channel.

Earned media for engagement marketing

What I find interesting about this definition of the types of media is that we see the evolution of marketing in the last few years in the description. Paid media is obviously traditional marketing, owned media is content marketing and inbound marketing, where as earned media is still in flux for a term. I'd suggest the new term of engagement marketing for how earned media is facilitated.

Engagement marketing is the marketing process where communicators understand the biggest opportunities lie in creating a word of mouth campaign with their social contacts. Here both in private communities and open communications like twitter and blogging a company develops a community management process for building relationships with their customers, evangelists and advocates and as a result of those relationships through each individuals owned media companies can get the word out about products, their brand, and services.

Engagement marketing includes all those activities of content marketing and inbound marketing but takes marketing to the next step in building a formal process for managing relations with influencers, customers and advocates.