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What’s Best? Using In-Country Top Level Domains Or Universal .com?

When communicating with people in their own country using the web, do people prefer to use use in-country top level domains or .com?

In registering a country domain name, is it better to use the country top level domain .co.uk, .de, .com.mx or use a .com top level domain name? I ask this question from the perspective of how a consumer in a country perceives their country domain name, rather than the SEO consequences of using a country top level domain. The websites I am thinking of developing will only be around for a short period of time, several months.

I want to know the brand preference of people in their own country for a country top level domain compared to the .com top level domain. 

Countries where it would be good to get specific answers include:

Australia .com.au
Brazil .com.br
Canada .ca
France .fr
Germany .de
Japan .co.jp or .jp
Mexico .com.mx
Netherlands .nl
New Zealand .co.nz
United Kingdom .co.uk & .com

In addition, I'd like to know if using an in-country domain gives any advantage to a Google Adwords quality score for Pay per click ads. Here I separate the use of the country level top level domain from using the principal language of the country where I'm selecting a country top level domain, I would develop the website in the language of the country where I'm developing a website.

LinkedIn Answers: I asked the main part of my question on LinkedIn answers and have received some great feedback, although some of the answers have been contradictory, therefore I'd like to hear more from the community, and in addition I'll be posting these questions on some of the big SEO and webmaster forums.