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Balancing Content With Engagement To Create Harmony

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Beth Kanter, a real thought leader in the nonprofit social media space wrote a blog post about creating a social content strategy, my concerns about the semantics of "content marketing," aside. I thought I'd answer one of the four questions Beth asked of the community in her goal to create a resource on her wiki.

Here's Beth's first question and my answer:

* How do you plan your engagement and content strategy so they work together in perfect harmony?

Start of with a goal. What do you want to achieve? Is it sales, or more donations? Do you want more community involvement or volunteers? Interested in more ideas for product development? Lastly, do you want to help with customer support or donor support?

Audit your community. Determine shares your goals. Listen to what people are saying in the community. Tie what is current in the community to your product or cause.

Write content that matches your goals, and provides value for the community on your own platforms. Build relationships with community members by contributing and supporting the community. When you conduct outreach don't just spend time on your own stuff. This outreach portion is where organizations have a tough time understanding the value. Really it’s about building relationships with people.

Content creation is not just about good writing, but really when it involves engagement, good content is focused on being a great conversationalist.

Here are Beth's other three questions:

* What are the specific content co-creation tasks that you need to do? Have a checklist?  List of tasks?

* Do you need a specific campaign or is this an ongoing activity?

* Is your organization thinking about a social content strategy?