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Listen Slowly To Be Quicker With Agile Marketing

Marketing is word that is in constant flux, people coin marketing phrases to emphasize a new focus on a tactical or strategic part of marketing, for example:

Permission marketing - Ask customer's permission before interrupting them. Seth Godin.

Relationship marketing - Build relationships with customers to understand their needs, retain customers and continue to make the sale for the long term.

Inbound Marketing - Create content to get found by customers.

In a recent article, Douglas Karr described how agile development processes can be used within marketing, in response to my interview with Jascha Kaykas-Wolff the VP of Marketing at Webtrends.

Agile marketing is the process of using an iterative approach to marketing processes, and gains its name from agile development. The emphasis in the name, agile, is how a marketing team manages projects and campaigns.

Two principles guide Jascha's implementation of agile marketing.

1) Be quick.
2) Learn and get better.

In reading Douglas Karr's article he emphasized the quickness of the process. And as a result I wonder by focusing on the term agile marketers focus on being quick and lose the most important aspect of marketing (no criticism of Douglas intended here); listening to learn in order to get better.

Maybe the principle should be: Learn by listening carefully, to get better quickly.