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Boston Gen Y Show You How It’s Done At

Looking for the best place to mix with Gen Y entrepreneurs? is the place to be. A Boston based online community and weekly podcast and networking event Founded by three friends in the spring of 2009, Alexa Scordato, Cort Johnson, and Jake Cacciapaglia. The group has three goals:

1. Making Money
2. Having Fun
3. Changing the World

Alexa built the technology infrastructure - the website, Jake shoots the video and tweets, and Cort researches and hosts the shows.

I'm only been to two events so far, but the event has fast become a favorite because of the format. Cort pre interviews the entrepreneurs, who then appear on the Pokin' Holes podcast and video at the weekly networking event, after which three members of the audience poke holes into the entrepreneur’s business plan, providing constructive criticism and advice. Even the audience takes a stab by asking questions and giving their feedback. The networking event and live show make for great business entertainment.