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Over Zealous Moderator Vs. Deleting Spam

I’m wondering if I’m an over zealous moderator or protecting my community when it comes to spam? As the moderator for the AMA Boston LinkedIn Group I monitor discussions posts every day. Many of the posts are simply a few lines of descriptive text with a link to a blog post. I often either delete the posting, or ask the person who posted to repost with additional content within the discussion post on the AMA Boston LinkedIn discussions site.

My goal as moderator of the group is to create an active community within the AMA Boston LinkedIn Group, rather than having members simply spam the site to drive traffic to their own site.

I've lost regular contributors because I've asked writers not to post a just few lines of text with a link. Yet when I've asked members what they think of the site the members have told me they appreciate a high level of moderation.

When looking at other linkedin groups, it appears making a posting with just a link to another blog is a fairly standard practice. I'm wondering if I'm being too restrictive in the forum, as I've seen a drop off in valuable posts. I've been taking additional steps to engage the community and add content, but I'm wondering if it would be better to allow some of these linking posts as long as the content is okay?

In today's world maybe we just cannot expect people to want to post content in a community without drawing those people to their own site. What do you think?