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OmniSocial Launched By Mzinga

Mzinga, the Burlington, MA based social software provider announced the launch of its new OmniSocial


product today. I took some time this afternoon to chat with Jody Petruzziello, VP, Products and Eve Sangenito, VP Marketing.
Mzinga has been working worked towards building one platform for social networking and social learning and innovation, by combining the company’s social networking and learning platforms together.

I asked a few questions about how the company enables its clients to gather ideas and discuss those ideas within the OmniSocial.

Apparently it is possible for a company to have training modules available within the OmniSocial platform, which can we used by community members, who in turn can make recommendations and give ideas based on course work. In addition any ideas generated will go through a workflow process for triage and response, so that duplicate ideas can be categorized, and a response given to all those people who came up with the same idea.

The company is working on putting together some social learning case study examples for me, and when I know more I hope to post those as well.