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Product Manager Added To Semantic Technologies Panel

Mining The Web For Customer Insights Using Semantic Technologies

I'm putting together a panel discussion for the Boston Product Management Association on Thursday September 17th at 6:15pm with the panel discussion starting at 7:00pm.

The topic is about how product managers are using and will use semantic technologies for their work.

So far Mike Spataro of Visible Technologies and Sean Martin of Cambridge Semantics are on the panel. I'm looking for a third panel member, specifically a product manager for a non-semantic technology product who is using semantic technologies for customer insights, to round out the panel. In addition I intend the discussion to be very interactive with the audience, I will ask the panel for their insights, but also pose the same questions to the audience.

Here's the overview to the presentation on the BPMA website:

The phrase Semantic Technology covers a wide scope of types of technologies from natural language processing, to text analysis, to software standards and methodologies that help describe the web. In this panel and audience participation discussion we learn the basics of semantic technologies, from small "s" to large "s", and explore how semantic technologies are actually being used by product managers for their jobs.

Our focus is on implementation today and in the future. We will give an overview of semantic technologies, and ask the panelists and audience to give their perspectives and experiences on how semantic technologies are being used for product management.

Here's Mike & Sean's background:

Mike Spataro, SVP, Client Strategy & Channel Partners, Visible Technologies

Mike is a senior vice president with Visible Technologies, a leading provider of social media monitoring, analytics and online customer outreach services.

Mike manages social media and reputation management strategies for Visible’s growing roster of global clients. His assignments have included work with Kraft Foods, Vanguard Investments, FedEx, HP, Hormel, Thomson-Reuters, Panasonic and GM.

Mike's background includes 20 years of experience in brand building, corporate public relations, product marketing and publicity and journalism. Mike is a graduate of the University of Hartford.

Sean Martin, President & CTO, Cambridge Semantics Inc.

Sean Martin has been on the leading edge of Internet technology innovation since the early nineties. His greatest strength has been the identification and pioneering of next generation software & networking technologies and techniques. Prior to founding Cambridge Semantics he spent fifteen years with IBM Corporation where he was a founder and the technology visionary for the IBM Advanced Internet Technology group. Sean has an astonishing number of Internet "firsts" to his credit. These include inventing and implementing both IBM's first Web application server and content-manager, WOM, along with its distributed Web application hosting environment, the Womplex, not to mention a number of other important web site scaling technologies.

Over the past eight years Sean has become increasingly interested in the application of semantic technology standards in software. He realized that semantic technologies not only offered fresh approaches to solving problems that he had previously found extremely difficult, but they also presented the opportunity to pioneer solutions that have never before been attempted. In his last project at IBM, Sean directed the design and open-source implementation of the IBM Semantic Layered Research Platform, including the Boca RDF store, a complete re-think of traditional middleware through the use of semantic technologies. His move from IBM to found Cambridge Semantics Inc. is a huge vote of confidence that the time for sophisticated semantic applications has arrived.

Sean has written numerous patents and has authored a number of peer reviewed Life Sciences journal articles. He is a native of South Africa, has lived for extended periods in London, England and Edinburgh, Scotland, but now makes his home in Boston, MA.

I'm really looking forward to the discussion, if you are a product manager who would be interested in joining the panel, or know of someone who would be a good fit, please let me know.