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Gravity Lightens The Conversation

Attended the Gravity Summit tweet up at the OM Restaurant in Cambridge, MA last evening, met some old friends and new people. Several people stood out because of the conversation.

Good to see Wendy Harman of the American Red Cross, Wendy and I first collaborated on a case study for the Society for New Communications Research, you can find the Red Cross Case study in the new influencers study.

Fascinating discussion with Chris Abraham about authenticity, spam, and brand personality, we decided to follow up with a blog interview where Chris promises to reveal all.

@shwen Shwen Gwee is the Lead for New Media Communications at Vertex Pharmaceuticals. I had a great conversation with him about the limitations of the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry in using social media because of the FDA restrictions.

Shwen is working on a new social media communications policy. I suggested the New PR Wiki social media policy section.

@justinrfrench (not @justinfrench) Newbie to social media, but a small business owner who has the nack for putting the complex into simple terms. Growing his social media consultancy because he is passionate about the discipline. We chatted a lot about marketing strategy.

I suggested the following links:

Cluetrain Manifesto
Society for New Communications Research
Word of Mouth Marketing Association
Social Media Business Council
New PR Wiki