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Word Of Mouth Important For PR: Todd Defren Looks Back On PR Blog Week

Todddefren Just interviewed Todd Defren from SHIFT Communications about the Global PR Blogging Week, Todd was also an Alumni of the PR Global Blog Week.

John: What did you learn about blogging (if you learned anything about blogging) from the blog week?

Todd: I learned that “blogging” was an even bigger trend – and more truly global – than I’d ever considered up til that point.  It made me realize that blogging was transformational, not just a “new media channel.”

John: How do you think the Global PR Blog week influenced you and the industry?

Todd: As excited as I was to participate and learn, I was actually disappointed by the lack of big buzz attending this event: it was probably just too new of an idea.

John: Reviewing the post(s) you wrote for the Global PR Blog week what has changed? What has not changed, since you wrote your post?

Todd: I wrote about ROI of PR – which is as frustrating an area as ever.  I do think that as more of PR goes online, what can be clicked can be tracked, and that will eventually help determine ROI in a consistent way

John: Why did PR professionals take such an early lead in writing blogs and social media?

Todd: Good PR has only ever been about relationships, context and relevance.  We also like to talk and write.  We’re communicators.  We took to Social Media like fish to water!

John: Why are PR professionals, leaders in the enterprise for the use of social media?

Todd: PR pros recognize the importance of communications in a broader context: we know the power of word of mouth – not just as a “channel” but as a means of doing business.

John: Give an update on what you've been doing in the last five years, and what you are doing now?

Todd: Just living the dream.  SHIFT was 1 year old at the time.  5 years later we’ve seen our business grow from $2M to $12M so it’s been a wild, amazing, hang-on-to-your-seats kind of ride!

John: Thanks Todd, much appreciated!