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Reflections On The PR Global Blog Week

Update On The Global PR Blogging Week Alumni

3_logo_without_line Nostalgia is something to be avoided, especially when you're 41, however, next week I'll have a case of reminiscence for the the Global PR Blog Week 1.0, 2004.

The event, a virtual conference organized between July 12-15 2004 featured thirty seven bloggers writing about PR, Marketing and social media. Next week will be the fifth anniversary. 

To the Alumni of the Global PR Blog Week, thanks for the memories, and the many continuing conversations. 

To celebrate the anniversary I took some time to track down all of the Alumni's Twitter addresses (If one exists) and to give an update from the final post, listing all of the participants during the virtual conference.

1. @ealbrycht  Elizabeth Albrycht, (CorporatePR) Update: Now a University lecturer in France.

2. Dave Austin (Intraware Blog) Update: SEM Manager, IGN Inc.Fox Interactive Media

3. Richard Bailey (PR Studies)

4. @cbasturea  Constantin Basturea (PR meets the WWW) Update: Director of New Media Strategies at Converseon.

5. @chrisbechtel Chris Bechtel (Internet PR News Blog) Update: At ipressroom.

6. @smallbiztrends Anita Campbell (Small Business Trends)

7. @johncass John Cass (PR Communications)

8. @TrevorCook Trevor Cook (Corporate Engagement)

9. @Don_Crowther Don Crowther ( 

10. @PRBlog Kevin Dugan (Strategic PR)

11. @SallyFalkow Sally Falkow  (Web Strategies) Update: Now running the PRoactive report

12. Matias Fernandez Dutto (Comunidad Relaciones Pblicas Argentina) Update: Now at

13. @heyangelo Angelo Fernando (Hoi Polloi) Update: Communications Manager @ Decision Theater, ASU

14. @DanForbush Dan Forbush  (ProfNet, Media Insider) Update: Blog at PR Newswire is now, Dan has moved back to education PR and is Executive Director of Communications at Skidmore College.

15. Bernard Goldbach (Irish Eyes) 

16. @robbhecht Robb Hecht (PR Machine)

17. Jim Horton (Online PR)

18. @waynehurlbert Wayne Hurlbert (Blog Business World)

19. Hans Kullin (Media Culpa)

20. @Canuckflack Colin McKay (Canuckflack)

21. @mmanuel Mike Manuel (Media Guerrilla)

22. @PrestoVivace Alice Marshall (TechnoFlak) -

23. @MNPR Ryan May (Minnesota Public Relations Blog)

24. Montag (World of Spin)

25. John Mudd (Inside Real Estate Journal) 

26. @tpemurphy Tom Murphy (PR Opinions)

27. @whatsnext   B.L. Ochman (What's Next Blog)

28. Anthony V Parcero, (eKetchum Digital Media Group) -

29. @jspepper Jeremy Pepper (POP! Public Relations's Blog)

30. Evelyn Rodriguez (Crossroads Dispatches)

31. Todd Sattersten (A Penny For... and 800-CEO-READ Blog

32. Trudy Schuett (WOLves) 

33. @rtanglao Roland Tanglao (Streamline) Update: Founder of Bryght

34. @octaviorojas Octavio Rojas

35. @steverubel Steve Rubel (Micro Persuasion) Update: Now at Edelman.

36. @jeremywright Jeremy Wright (Ensight) Update: CEO at b5 Media

37. @mediations  Philip Young (Mediations)

Not to be out done, we held a follow up conference in 2005, the PR Blog Week 2.0 was September 19-23, 2005. Here are the Alumni from that event below. The anniversary for this virtual conference will be in September, here's the list of Alumni from the original participants at the second PR Blog week.

   1.  @ealbrycht  Elizabeth Albrycht, Blogging Planet, US, France. Update:  Now a University lecturer in France.

   2. @cbasturea  Constantin Basturea, US, Romania.  Update: Director of New Media Strategies at Converseon.

   3. @chrisbechtel Chris Bechtel, iPressroom, US.  Update: Still at ipressroom.

   4. Jesper Bindslev, E-mediators, Copenhagen Business School, Denmark,  Update: Now Global Project Manager at Novo Nordisk Global Marketing

   5. @stuartbruce  Stuart Bruce, Bruce Marshall Associates, UK,  Update: Now founder and managing director of Wolfstar.

   6. Jorge Camara, Don't know.

   7. @smallbiztrends Anita Campbell, Small Business Trends, US,

   8. @johncass John Cass, Backbone Media, Inc., US,  Update: Still writing PR Communications but no longer at Backbone.

   9. Joel Cere, Hill & Knowlton, UK,

  10. @niallcook  Niall Cook, Hill & Knowlton, UK, Update: Now author of Enterprise 2.0

  11. Andrew C Corcoran, Lincoln Business School, UK,

  12. @tdefren Todd Defren, SHIFT Communications, US, Update: Still running Shift.

  13. @prblog  Kevin Dugan, FRCH Design Worldwide, US, Update: Runs Strategic Public Relations and the Bad Pitch Blog

  14. @SallyFalkow Sally Falkow, Falkow, Inc., US, Update: Now running the PRoactive report

  15. Matias Fernandez Dutto, Argentina, Update: Now at

  16. @tifisch Tim Fischer, Germany, 

  17. @DanForbush Dan Forbush, ProfNet, PR Newswire, Update:Blog at PR Newswire is now, Dan has moved back to education PR and is Executive Director of Communications at Skidmore College. 

18. @RDFrench Robert French, Auburn University, US, Update: Robert's still at Auburn University teaching commuications. He became a founding Fellow with the Society for New Communications Research, and started a Ning social community for PR students, acedemics and professionals.

  19. @Froda Jon Froda, E-mediators, Copenhagen Business School, Denmark, Update: Co-founder / partner. Product development at Hoist.

  20. @Hyku Josh Hallett, hyku, llc, US, Update: New Media Strategist at Voce Communications, and Fellow/Board Member of the Society of New Communications Research.

  21. @jshardison Jeff Hardison, McClenahan Bruer Communications, US,

  22. Christopher Hannegan, Edelman, US, Update:  23. @robbhecht Robb Hecht, IMC Strategies.Principal at Booz & Company. 

  24. @PeterHimler Peter Himler, the Publicity Club of New York, Update: Founder and Principal of Flatiron Communications LLC

  25. @jangles Neville Hobson, UK, The Nederlands, Update: Resides in the UK, runs FIR Podcast with Shel Holtz. Founding Senior Research Fellow and Advisory Board member of the Society for New Communications Research.

  26. @shel Shel Holtz, HC+T, US, Update: Shel runs the FIR Podcast with Neville Hobson, Founding Senior Research Fellow and Advisory Board member of the Society for New Communications Research.

  27. @waynehurlbert Wayne Hurlbert, Blog Business World, US,

  28. Timothy Johnson, Voce Communications, US, Update: Principal at White Spinnaker Partners.

  29. @trevr Trevor Jonas, Bite Communications, Update: Director of Social Media at Access Communications

  30. @mmanuel Mike Manuel, Voce Communications, US, Update: New blog url

  31. @PrestoVivace Alice Marshall, Presto Vivace, Inc., US,

  32. @MNPR Ryan May, BAE Systems, US,

  33. @Canuckflack Colin McKay, Canada,

  34. @tpemurphy Tom Murphy, Cape Clear Software, Ireland, Update: Works in PR for Microsoft in Washington State, since March 2009.

  35. @michaelocc Michael O'Connor Clarke, Canada, Update:  Vice President Thornley Fallis Communications.Vice President

  36. @whatsnext   BL Ochman,, US, 

  37. @prjobs Lindsay Olson, Paradigm Staffing Solutions, US,  Update: blog

  38. Anthony V Parcero, 

  39. @jspepper Jeremy Pepper, POP! Public Relations, US, 

  40. @tp_da Thomas Pleil, Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences, Germany, 

  41. @podboy Matthew Podboy, Voce Communications, US,

  42. @vailvoice Dee Rambeau, DVCO Technology, US, Update: Founder of The Fuel Team

  43. @giorodriguez Giovanni Rodriguez, Eastwick Communications, US, Update: Co-founder and managing partner at The Conversation Group

  44. @octaviorojas Octavio Rojas, Weber Shandwick, Spain,

  45. @markrose Mark Rose, Comm|Tech, Inc., US, Update:Influence Consulting Director of Internet PR Strategies   46. @ericschwartzman Eric Schwartzman, Schwartzman & Associates, US, Update: Founder and president of iPressroom,

  47. @jeneane Jeneane Sessum, The Content Factor, US,, and

  48. @SKYDIVER Peter Shankman, The Geek Factory, US, Update: Founder and CEO of The Geek Factory, Inc and founder of HARO

  49. @Davetaylor Dave Taylor, Intuitive Systems, US,

  50. @michaelterpin Michael Terpin, Terpin, Communications Group, US, Update: Founder of Terpin Communications, Inc.

  51. @italovignoli Italo Vignoli, Quorum PR, Italy,

  52. @mediations  Philip Young, University of Sunderland,

  53. @bobwyman Bob Wyman, PubSub, US, At Google.

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