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Insights Into Web 2.0 Job Hunting

The economy is bad, unemployment is increasing, but networking is still the best approach to finding a job. In a world of social media, being open about your search online is today's method of networking.

I was laid off from ideaLaunch two weeks ago, but as I'd watched others in my industry lose their jobs and then find them quickly again by using an open social media approach to job hunting I thought this time I'd be very open about my search process. Here are some insights I've gained from the process:

1) Thank people for their help in your search process.

2) Use microblogging sites like Twitter to give updates about your progress.

3) Don't reveal everything, especially if a third party is involved. If you are going to attend an interview with a company unless you've talked with the hiring manager about writing about the event, don't reveal any details.

4) It is okay to write about your progress in general terms. Those updates will alert your community that one, you are looking for a job (Yes people don't follow you religiously!) and two, how you are making progress.

5) Write about something else other than your job search, demonstrate that you're not obsessed with job hunting, and that you can still contribute to the public discourse in your area of expertise. I've used the time I've been off job hunting to improve skills and my thinking about marketing and internet marketing.