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Word Of Mouth Important For PR: Todd Defren Looks Back On PR Blog Week

Ice Cream Social Media @ #IceSocial

Last night Ja-Naé Duane and I hosted the #IceSocial at the Capitol Theater in Arlington, Ma. Ja-Naé Duane @TheSunQueen had suggested we meet to network and then suggested we start a tweet up. I'd wanted to do something to promote the new Capitol Theater creamery here in East Arlington, ever since the creamery opened a few months ago, so I jumped at the opportunity of organizing the event.

East Arlington has had a number of store fronts close over the last year, and I think the Creamery is really the first big new development since the recession really hit. The Creamery sells ice cream, drinks and frozen yogurt, and is located in the 1925 Capitol Theater cinema.

Thanks to all of those people who attended, sorry if I missed your twitter link.


Great conversation with @Mangolucci about media policy. She was looking for more resources on the topic here in Massachusetts.

Berkman Center for Internet & Society

Non-Massachusetts site:

The center for public integrity

Jeff Cutler and I talked about his campaign to protest the recent changes in Massachusetts law about Scooters. Jeff explains his qualms about the new law in his post, “Scooters are not the enemy. Nor are they the source of your economic salvation.”

Chrissy Inge, a colleague in the Boston Chapter of the American Marketing Association, and also the Marketing and Public Relations Manager for New England Quilt Museum. Chrissy also mentioned the Lowell Quilt Festival happening in Lowell on August 6-9.

After most people had gone home Adam Zand @NoOneYouKnow Jim Spencer @fairminder Ja-Naé Duane @thesunqueen and I stayed around to chat, we talked about Geoff Livington's recent post Women Snubbed in Top Ten Speakers List, Industry in General.

I'd been particularly interested in Geoff's point about the bastardization of social media. I thought more people were making money out of social media and so they might be less willing to critique colleagues or companies.

This got into a discussion about my blog post about Gary Vaynerchuk's Bad Pitch Letter.

The conversation eventually turned to Dell's work in social media. How the company has done a really good job of using engagement with customers directly, but also keeping the social media commentators up to date with what they are doing. See more from my long post on Making Sense Of Intermedia Agenda-Setting For Social Media Marketing for more details.

Thanks to Bobbie Carlton of Mass Innovations Nights for donating two tickets to the Charles River Museum of Industry, Todd Van Hoosear, President of the Boston Social Media Club for his media sponsorship of the Tweetup, and Ja-Naé Duane for giving away 1 weeks worth of fitness services from one of her client’s with her company Wild Women Entrepreneurs.

We had such a great time at the #icesocial I'm thinking we should hold another one in two weeks time!