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Newbie blogger Bastien Beauchamp writes a comprehensive, if at times in "broken English" (His words) PR blog post that gives a good overview of the 2004 Global PR Blog Week 1.0.

The 2004 virtual conference had 37 bloggers write 60 posts, and those bloggers and other attendees wrote 183 comments.

Bastien highlights his favorite top five blog posts at the conference from Trevor Cook, Roland Tanglao, Robert Hecht, Anthony Parcero and Constantin Basturea.

And he also gave a single quote from all of the sixty posts on the original conference blog in his greatest hits of the 2004 Global PR Blog Week 1.0 post. I especially enjoyed how Bastien groups each of the posts into nine different themes:

Blogging & Media
CEO's Blog
Crisis Management
Public relations

What's interesting in looking back at the conference is how we still discuss the same themes today in the PR blogging community. Though I would say measurement is a much more important topic than it was in 2004 event. Thanks Bastien, great work!