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15.2% of Fortune 500 Blogging

Dr. Nora Gamin Barnes and Eric Mattson wrote a report discussing the number of blogs and level of social media activity of the Fortune 500, "The Fortune 500 and Blogging: Slow and Steady." The study determined 81 or 16% of the Fortune 500 are blogging.

The report provides the list of companies in the Fortune 500 that are blogging, I used the list to update the Fortune 500 Business blogging wiki. I added 15 new blogs Fortune 500 Business Blogging Wiki to bring the total number of blogs listed on the wiki to 76 or 15.2% of the Fortune 500. The report did not provide a list of links so I searched for each of the blogs, but could not find all of blogs for the listed companies, or I determined that a listed blog was not really a blog, usually because comments were not activated.

Here are the new additions:

Aloca, Avnet: The Soft Pitch, blog, Computer Sciences, Davita, Foot Locker Unlocked, Goodyear Blimp Blog, Manpower, Micron Technology, Monsanto, Progressive, Symantec, Toys 'R' Us, UPS,Virgin Media