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What's Your Next Marketing Role, John?

I’ve been asked by quite a few people what I am looking for in my next role. Given my experience in marketing, 20 years, it all started with IBM in Hampshire, United Kingdom in 1988, and involvement in the online marketing industry, BioData in 1995 in San Mateo, I’ve worked at both brands and agencies. Though my focus since starting this blog has often been social media, really what I am looking for is a job with a company that really understands what marketing and brand is all about. Here’s an overview of the types of roles where I think I’d be able to add a lot to the company:

1) Working for an agency providing social media strategy and campaign implementation services. I've worked for a number of agencies since 2005 providing this sort of service.
2) Working for a brand managing a budget for social media marketing, including customer service, marketing and product marketing.
3) A director of marketing for a brand, managing a budget and team of marketers or interns.

Experience includes running four corporate blogs, affiliate marketing, SEO, PPC ($750k in 2005 for, email marketing, market research, blogging, social media, trade shows, website development.

Particularly good in b2b, but also have national experience and perspective on running large scale public company social media engagement.