Gary Vaynerchuk's Bad Pitch Letter
Another Gary Vaynerchuck Bad Pitch Letter Sighting

Meeting An Old Social Media Friend For The First Time

Busy day today, running around preparing for the internet retailer show here in Boston. The exhibit opened at 4 p.m. with cocktails on the trade show floor.  While at the show, I met Paull Young, anti-astroturfing whizz and social media expert at SEO firm Converseon.

Paull and I have connected via social media for a few years now, I think we connected initially around his anti-astroturfing campaign, I even helped out on the New PR Wiki at the time, but we've never met. This often happens in the social media space you share discussions with colleagues and friend in social media land for years before meeting them. It was great to meet Paull and I hope to meet up again during the show.

In between organizing for the show, I followed the continuing fallout from my post about Gary Vaynerchuk’s pitch letter; Gary continues to do a great job of engaging people here on my blog. And as a follow up, in preparation for an email I am sending out in the next week at ideaLaunch, I also wrote a blog post over on the ideaLaunch blog about my recent discussion with Gary about his pitch letter last week, “Two Passions Collide Over Marketing & Wine.” The post explains my response to Gary’s original pitch letter in more detail.