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Mass General ER Upgrade

You never want to visit a hospital emergency room, especially if the patient is your child.

Last night my wife, Karin, and I had to take our son into the Mass General Hospital emergency room, he had a bad cough and was having trouble breathing. 

The last time I visited the Mass General Hospital emergency room with Bram was just the week after he came home from the hospital after spending two months in the NICU and special care nursery.

That two month experience while arduous and filled with up and down experiences, always took place in modern facilities.

In contrast the trip to the old Mass General seemed like a trip to a 19th century hospital, cramped, long waits and chaos. My concerned for my son grew over the 9-10 hour experience in the emergency room. Including the 2-3 hour wait for an orderly before thankfully we went upstairs for a bed. I did not question the dedication and ability of the medical staff, just the hospital administration’s organization of resources and facilities.

After that experience, I wondered if the cure was worse than the disease when it came to visiting the Mass General Hospital ER.

However, last night's experience changed my view and frankly fears about visiting Mass General ER.

Instead of Victorian brick, we visited a newly designed 21st century facility, where triage happened within minutes at an individual nursing station, then registration with a clerk, before waiting in the children’s waiting room for half an hour. The whole experience took 2-3 hours, and though could not be contrasted with our earlier visit which really was life threatening, was a whole lot better because of the new facilities and to me better organization.

My thanks to the Mass General hospital administration for doing an excellent job in upgrading your ER, you have a new convert with this Dad.