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What To Wear To The AMA Booth?

Last Saturday morning I attended the working meeting for AMA Boston's New England Xpo event. The event will feature over 34 speakers, over 10,000 attendees and many sponsors. The chapter is helping to support and sponsor the event.  

Mark Zieff, VP of Brand for the chapter, discussed creating a post card that booth staff for the AMA can use to give out to Xpo attendees. Included on the post card would be: Introducing AMA Boston on a local level, and what we do. The post card would provide a list of activities members can undertake; including events, the social networking site, our mentorship program, the LinkedIn group. We'd explain why the AMA is relevant to businesses, and how people can get involved with the AMA by getting connected.

Mark showed several designs for banners. Interestingly he showed the banner his team would pick first. That was the one I liked. For the next ten minutes we debated the relative merits of several of designs before deciding that design selection by committee was not a good idea, and suggested Mark should choose a design, though he did write down a number of suggestions from the group.

Michelle Holsberg, who has been helping the chapter with booth and show design elements, discussed the proposals for T-shirts. Cecil Dorman suggested we should have aprons, and Lily Chou recommended smocks. We decided to go with the T-shirts!

Michelle proposed the final booth design for the show, Sponsored by The Moran Group, you can see the final design here below. The decision about the booth design means we have a large portion of the show preparation completed.

AMA Boston Booth