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Comcast Adds Blogging To Social Media Engagement

Comcast has added a new corporate blog  www.comcastvoices.com that gives us 61 or 12.2% of the fortune 500 blogging. Here's wiki update for the Fortune 500 Business Blogging wiki, a census of the Fortune 500 blogs.

Shucks, I can no longer use Comcast as an example of a company that is implementing social media engagement well but does not have a blog.

The blog is very, very well designed, though I'd suggest adding Feedburner to the list of widgets along the side navigation, so many blogs have feedburner now (this blog does not) that it is becoming a standard.

Twitter RT @johncass Comcast adds new corporate blog, 61 or 12.2% of the f500 are blogging http://is.gd/3sv6