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New Comm Forum In San Francisco In April

New Director Of Marketing Job At ideaLaunch In Boston

Marketing to some is about sales, to others advertising, to me it is about listening and then taking action, building a product or service that customers want and need, and as a result you sell more and make more profits, which is why I am pleased about the news I have to write about today. I will be joining ideaLaunch as Director of Marketing in their Boston headquarters. Byron White is the President of ideaLaunch and he shares my passion for listening to develop great content on the web. ideaLaunch is a content marketing company, and offers a number of content marketing services that hundreds of clients are using to gain the trust and win the business of online customers. I'll be working on content, marketing ideaLaunch's services and expanding the company's social media presence.

Thanks to all of the people who helped me in the search process, especially Ian Lurie of Portent Interactive, Gene Kavner of Innovation Ads, and Jeremiah Owyang of Forrester Research.