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Street Art or Guerrilla Marketing for Chronicle

Sangita Lee Chandra the Producer at WCVB TV/DT just contacted to ask if I knew of any good Boston examples of Guerrilla marketing in the style of street art conducted by retail companies. This is for “Chronicle”, which airs Monday through Friday at 7:30 PM on WCVB TV 5 (ABC). Sangita is producing a show tentatively titled “Recession Chic”.

The show will be fun but also informative and will focus on 1) how consumers are shopping in an economic downturn; 2) how retail companies are trying fresh and/or innovative ways to encourage people to shop via marketing; 3) what are unique ways to find bargains, through flea markets or auctions.

Sangita is looking for local projects that employ guerrilla marketing or otherwise edgy and unique marketing styles or offensives?

Sangita is shooting this show next week, from the 16th to the 20th and would like to firm up leads in the next day or so.


Interestingly, Sangita found me through this old post I made about the Boston Marketing guerrilla marketing event after the teen hunger force marketing campaign.