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Fortune 500 Blogs Drop From 13.4% to 12%

Thanks to Nora Ganim Barnes, Ph. D., Chancellor Professor of Marketing at UMASS Dartmouth, and Kyle Austin at Racepoint for simultaneously pointing out that several of the blog links on the Fortune 500 business blogging wiki were dead or that several companies were not in the Fortune 500. I've gone through all of the links and double checked they were live or discontinued blogs.

The following blogs were taken off the wiki list: Countrywide, ING, Nokia, Ford, Honeywell, Sprint & the Pitney Bowes blog. With all of these blogs removed, the count of blogs is down from 67 blogs to 60 blogs or 12%. You can track the up and down progress of the blogs in the Fortune 500 list signup list.

I also noticed that quite a few of the links on the wiki needed updating: Oracle, Nike, Time Warner, Viacom, HP, Intel, IBM, Wholefoods, and Xerox.

Ford has not had a blog for quite a while with the removal of the Ford Bold Moves blog. With the hiring of Scott Monty, it is interesting that blogging is not central to today's social media engagement process, Ford shares that with Comcast an effective and active social media engagement process that does not rely on a blog.

The Fortune 500 Business Blogging wiki is a community project, as community organizer I am always looking for help with the continuing work to finish the census of the Fortune 500 and their use of blogs. Or you can write a review or interview a blogger at a Fortune 500 company. Let me know if you see any changes that need to be made to the wiki.

Update 02/11/09: Nora just pointed out that Accenture is in the Global 500 not the Fortune 500, removed them from the list. We are down to 59 companies or 11.8% of the fortune 500 with blogs.