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SNCR Study On Dell, Comcast & More

Earlier this year I wrote two case studies for the Nuance study on customer care and brand reputation for the Society for New Communications Research as part of my role as Research Fellow.

The two case studies were about Dell and Comcast.

Dell’s case study was an update and outline of the work Dell has completed in social media over the last few years, I attempted to focus on what infrastructure they built and timelines. And the Comcast case study was on their 2008 entry into the world of social media monitoring and response, the study covers the Michael Arrington twitter incident.

SNCR published the full report and case studies; you can purchase the report or download a free pdf online.

Thanks to my colleagues: Dr. Nora Ganim Barnes, Ph.D., Paul Gillin, John Cass, Susan Getgood, and Francois Gossieaux for their help and participation in the report.

Thanks to Richard Binhammer at Dell and Frank Eliason at Comcast for their help in the preparation of the case studies.