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PR Strategies In A Recession

Instead of describing the problems associated with the recession, try explaining what you are doing to succeed despite or because of the recession.

Falling stock prices, unemployment, bankruptcy, and a depressed housing market; all signs that the economy is tanking. Bloggers and journalists are writing articles that describe the downturn, and thinking of new content strategies that address the recession because the downturn is the current concern of most people.

How will professional bloggers survive the recession?”

How to survive the recession

Tales of the downturn, while important for understanding what is happening don't give customers a good reason to buy, just the opposite, customers become even more conservative, preferring to watch and wait. One way to write content that is positive in this economy is to describe how your product or service can help an individual or company to survive and succeed despite the recession.

I think this story about the controller of General Motors managing their fixed assets more aggressively to ensure every piece of equipment is either being used or giving GM a good return on assets to be a positive story in a gloomy period for the economy and the auto industry.

Rather than concentrating on the downturn, look for ways you can help people and companies succeed. Not only will the message increasingly resonate, but I think you will be helping to give people hope on ways to get us out of the recession.