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Leaving Forrester Research

I've resigned from Forrester Research, and I am now looking for a new job. I very much enjoyed working with a number of people at the company, and I thought the research that the company produced was very good.

I especially want to thank Jeremiah Owyang, Josh Bernoff, Gil Yehuda and Chris Townsend for all of their help and advice. Josh is a gem of a man, and it was a pleasure and honor to work with him. Josh will be accepting an award at the Society for New Communications Research Symposium here in Boston in the next few days. For full disclosure, I am a board member and Research Fellow with SNCR.org.

I also wanted to thank Tom Cummings, Iranzu Hernandez, Dan Fitzpatrick and Alexis Karlin for their efforts on the Forrester Research Discussions site. Hopefully Forrester's efforts to build an online forum community continue. My special thanks go to Jim Deitzel, Steve Furman, Jeff Gentry and C. Moore for their many contributions to the customer community. I hope you continue to participate and contribute.

My thanks to all of the other many colleagues and customers who helped with my efforts in social media at Forrester Research.